Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Alien Rock 2

Last night saw our first visit to A2 in edinburgh. First impression was that it was smaller than i expected but there were some of the longest upside down routes I have ever seen and they also had a clock that works backwards, very confusing indeed, so it was looking promising.

We found a couple of problems that look like they will go but they are very long which is why i think they are getting a V6 rating. One of my favourites includes a bat hanging rest thing or whatever you want to call it, I was mildly concerned that I was going to get my feet stuck in the roof.

After some play upside down we headed for some fingery routes and also the campus boards which I have never played on before. I managed to get up the middle sized one and I am going to aim for the smallest one next time. I did sustain an injury though being mr macho and trying to dyno up them, its only a minor rip in the finger though.

All in all it was a good session and it definately improved as the night went on and the wall got quieter. Made a nice change from Ratho but i am not a full convert just yet, the desire for long routes is still strong.

Until next time ....

Friday, 25 January 2008

Blog day 1: Standard day in the life of a 5th yr heriot-watt mechanical engineer

Well as per usual the day started normally with a snow storm and a dash for the bus. This was followed by a desire for black coffee and a climb. Unfortunately only the coffee was managed due to the bain of an engineering students life, coursework. This coursework on the outset seemed easy but have completely finished the problem 3 times now (14 pages of working each) and still not got the right answer it seems not so easy, there goes the relaxed weekend.

No climbing up date but with a climbing treat planned for monday evening we will see how strong we feel.