Saturday, 25 October 2008

Over Due Update

I thought that I should probably update this as I havent done so in a long time.

To summarise the summer I had: Awesome!!

With that covered I will move onto the last couple of weeks or so. Just moved to aberdeen to start my new job in Aberdeen, so far so good. It took me 4 weeks to get to transition extreme after finding some guys at work who climb. I can summarise leading and top roping there as nails. I went from beginning to get somewhere redpointing 7a at the inverness wall to struggling my ass up 6B on top rope at TE. I know I would have lost some strength in the break but not enough to make me drop so far down the grades. After chatting to a couple of locals they all seemed to agree with my opinion. The bouldering on the other hand is pretty decent, a nice selection of different angled walls and problems. I have no idea how often these are changed but so far its keeping me out of trouble.

I am moving to Stavanger in Norway for 3 months in January for work and I have recently found out that I get access to the 2 walls there for free cause of work. All going well I will be able to continue training with the aim of climbing 7a by next summer so that I can increase the trad grade next summer on the sea cliffs of grampian. Whilst in Norway I am also planning on learning to ice climb which should be awesome.

Anyway enough drivel from me especially as I dont have any exciting climbing stories.


p.s See Dave MacLeods new film echo wall for my climbing film debut. I am one of the specs in the gully leading up to the route lol.